2011’s Ektopia Highlights

Yeah, I know… everyone’s at it; best of this, best of that. Here’s another quick look back at my favourite posts during 2011…

Jan – Sunflower Seeds on Sunflower Seeds

Feb – 1000 Awesome Things

Mar – 3eanuts

Apr – Nicholas Alan Cope’s Folded Paper Photography

May – Benjamin Laading Mega-Fat-Cap Paintings

Jun – Splay: Lo-Fi Aerosol Paint

Jul – Evol @ MS Dockville

Aug – Murray Fredericks

Sep – Fighting Trousers – Professor Elemental

Oct – Jerry’s Map

Nov – Jan Petro

Dec – Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

Merry new year by the way. Thanks for continuing to visit. See you on the flip side (that’s next year by the way!).