At last, a real analogue-styled camera app for the iPhone – InstaCRT. The app sends your photo to a small CRT screen in Sweden where it is photographed again and sent back to you. [via]

Cement Bleak

Isaac Cordal’s latest project focuses on altered sieves that are placed near street lights at night. Portraits are cast from the shadows. Pretty great. Cement Bleak.

I Wish I Said Hello

I Wish I Said Hello – “a missed connection is an occurrence where two or more people are unable to exchange contact information or the information that is exchanged is lost […] I Wish I Said Hello attempts to bring missed connection stories back to the public space in the form of street art”. [via]

Nina Pandolfo @ Laz

Nice news… The artist that we named our daughter after, Nina Pandolfo will be exhibiting at London’s Lazarides in June and July. Hew new work looks to have changed somewhat from the huge eyed cartoon characters of old to something that looks a little more “realistic” but I’m still definitely going to take a trip to see the work. [via]