Stark-Magazine – One of the finest curated collections of photography I’ve seen in a long while. Stark also has a Flickr group.

Our purpose for Stark-Magazine is to do something revolutionary, to reach beyond the norms and to create a product and community of artists focused more on their creativity and their abilities to take photography, music and video to a new level rather than to seek approval. We care about the art and all serious artists, not whether they belong to a certain clique or whether the art fits a certain style or mold.

We promote those artists reflecting an intelligent eye or vision, those artists willing to break the rules, those artists committed to being present as they create and using their full intelligence to engage. We’ll do just about anything to promote our artists, we will try new things and yes, we will at times fail in our boldness, but what’s the point of doing this if we aren’t willing to get out of our comfort zone.