Tuning ’77

Michael Murphy’s Tuning ’77 is a stitched recording if all of The Grateful Dead’s pre-gig tune-ups throughout 1977. Listen to it instead of watching a movie sometime; it lasts for 92 minutes! [via]

2012’s Ektopia Highlights

Another year gone. Another list! Here’s a quick look back at my favourite posts during 2012…

Jan – Astronomical

Feb – Radar

Mar – Insane Downhill Bike Race

Apr – Flying and Floating

May – Jennifer Rubell’s Nutcrakers

Jun – Institute of Intimate Museums

Jul – Soasig Chamaillard’s Apparitions

Aug – Alex Chinneck

Sep – Removie Posters

Oct – Ghost Street Project

Nov – Bodies in Urban Spaces

Dec – Much Loved

Happy new year and cheers for popping by over the last 12 months.