Jim’ll Paint It

If you can think of it, Jim’ll Paint It with MS Paint. Take a look at this –

Please paint me Bobby Davro & Jim Bowen having a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in the engine room of the rapidly sinking Titanic. Lionel BLAIR is visible through a vicious tear in the hull, frozen in the iceberg. Battle-damaged Arnie from T2 is the bemused registrar.

Top Sprayer Blog

Taps and Moses have a blog called Top Sprayer. You can check out their recent work as well as read quotes about them from other people as well as little pearls of… wisdom (?) from them, like this – “Every rose has its thorn like every man has his can.”


I’m almost embarrassed to be mentioning this but I have a few words to say about Spotify… I’ve been using it for about five years as a free app. As you’ll already know, the tunes are peppered with adverts, which really ruins the whole experience. They were driving me so mad that I decided to sign up for the free 30 day trial and it’s one of the best moves I’ve made. I’m now listening to more music than I have for years and will definitely be paying for the privilege when the time comes. Just thought I would share my thoughts as I’m sure that there are many people that don’t enjoy the free experience but are missing out on their premium service.