30 Jan

Symphonic House

Architect David Hanawalt and Sonic Installation artist, Bill Close, are “curious as to the life of living inside a resonant house; an environmental musical instrument.” So much so that they have created The Wege House, a house where stringed instruments been built into and onto the architecture itself. Now, I’m not talking about normal stung instruments either, these are extremely long stringed instruments that are played in an unconventional manner. The musician has to wear “a cotton glove that has rosin powder on the fingers. The glove helps to hold the rosin and keep natural oils off the strings. Two fingers lightly pinch the string and run along. This action creates a compression wave within the material of the string. The fingers push the vibration along in a similar manner that one might create tone by running their finger around the edge of a glass. The action produces tones akin to cello or viola, however they are more resonant with upper harmonics. The tones are pure and beautiful.” There are a few videos on the site that’ll show you just how pure those tones are. [via]

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    Anne Says:

    Hey Reevo. You know, i was just thinking how wonderfully well your blog has developed. I should probably be taking notes and pointers. :)

    Have a terrific week!

  2. 2
    Reevo Says:

    And you Anne, cheers for your kind words.

  3. 3
    we make money not art Says:

    The house is the instrument
    On a Northern Lake Michigan beach, architect David Hanawalt and Sonic Installation artist Bill Close have teamed up to create the Wege House which explores the creation of architecture as musical instruments. In the house, stringed instruments have bee…

  4. 4
    Reevo Says:

    Cool, my first trackback from We Make Money Not Art :-) What a site…check it if you haven’t already.

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    Sarah Says:

    The joys of blog surfing. Very interesting. I look forward to peeking around some of your archives.

    For your interest, I got here via this link that was sent to me by a friend.


  6. 6
    Reevo Says:

    Cheers for that Sarah, It was hard not to notice actually as the site got hammered after the Gizmodo link…about 5 times the normal hits!!! Thanks for letting me know though.

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