08 Mar

The Musicpole MIDI Controller

The new Musicpole MIDI Controller looks like fun…in an odd kind of way. [via]

3 Responses to “The Musicpole MIDI Controller”

  1. 1
    j.drinda Says:

    I still cannot work out how to play that thing.
    They should show some examples of how/ where the melody and chords are found activated.
    Prehaps it takes ages to learn to play it?

  2. 2
    Dan McNmara Says:

    Cut and paste the address above and check it out.Very easy to learn and to play.

  3. 3
    Joh Drinda Says:

    I have seen the chart of it, but if I press the c-key I hear one tune, but see five tunes mixed in the same lot? How can that be?

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