10 Nov

Freddi C’s Circle Tutorial

Freddi C’s Circle Tutorial…I enjoyed it, you may too.


6 Responses to “Freddi C’s Circle Tutorial”

  1. 1
    ken wood Says:

    It is claimed that Picasso could draw a perfect circle freehand. Every time! But that’s Picasso. Mere mortals need tools like Freddie uses.
    I shall certainly put Freddie’s technique in my data bank.

  2. 2
    Reevo Says:

    Nice one, cheers Ken. I had wondered if it was worth sharing…it obviously was :-)

  3. 3
    mydogsighs Says:

    reevo - you got to ektopify this http://www.scottradke.com/art.htm

  4. 4
    Reevo Says:

    Hey MDS, got there already!!!

  5. 5
    name Says:

    Good day!,

  6. 6
    name Says:


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