02 Jun

Damien Hirst’s £50 Million Diamond Skull

The excellent Supertouch blog have just released some interesting details about Damien Hirst’s latest artwork. The piece is a ancient inspired diamond encrusted platinum cast human skull (the human teeth remain), titled For the Love of God, and is a steal at £50 million. Apparently, all of the “diamonds are all “ethically sourced” from conflict-free zones and cost the artist a whopping $28,000,000 USD (the work is entirely self-financed)” [...] and Hurst is hoping that “it makes the people who see it feel good, that it’s uplifting, that it takes your breath away”. I’m sure that if you’re as skull-art obsessed as me this will have made your weekend. [via]


5 Responses to “Damien Hirst’s £50 Million Diamond Skull”

  1. 1
    Alan Says:

    ironic on so many levels. and really, really offensive.

  2. 2
    martin Says:

    Please check out my equally ironic response to damien’s piece ;)

  3. 3
    Reevo Says:

    Hahaha, subtle!

  4. 4
    gerente Says:

    in response to the Hirst “BLINGSKULL” a new challenger has be revealed “SAFEHEAD (For The GOD of Love)

    check it out: http://www.tachomas.com

    this is amazing!!!

  5. 5
    david'www.vertigodiamonds.com' Says:

    It is truely a Damien Hurst piece, just so over the top, but this what art is ment to do. It is ment to make people sit up and wonder.

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