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18 Nov

Dave The Chimp Interview & Canvases


Hooked recently linked up a fantastic little Dave The Chimp video interview where he discusses the design of his new Vans among other things. The two main stand out moments are a fantastic stop-frame animation hat he made and the fact that his chimp signature is a rotational ambigram (the Ektopia logo, created by Papper & Penna, above is one too in case you’ve not noticed), which I’d never noticed before.


Also of note is that mjar recently discovered that Dave The Chimp has some neat fabric covered canvases for sale over at his website, which I’m sure won’t be there for long.


29 Oct

Cornelius - Sensurround CD & DVD


My all time favourite musician, Keigo Oyamada aka Cornelius, has quietly released his long awaited DVD of Sensurround, the visual show that accompanies his live performance. In the UK it’s been released simply as the Sensuous + DVD edition, which obviously includes the original CD as well. It’s never going to be like seeing him perform live but it’ll be the next best thing. Can’t wait for mine to hit the doorstep any day now.

24 Oct

Nicolas Lesaffre’s Vinyl’s Atack


Vinyl’s Atack is a great animation by Nicolas Lesaffre with a fantastic twist mid-way through. [via]

17 Oct

Here I Am - Conversations From The Inside


Learn what really goes on inside your body when you run during this fantastic anatomical animation, Nike Here I Am - Conversations from the inside. [via]

22 Sep



I think I may have just seen the most amazing animation ever. It’s called Ark and has been created by Grzegorz Jonkajtys. As the 8 minutes passed before me I constantly changed the reason why I was loving it so much (the sound, the story, the animation etc.) and this happened right till the very last frame. Stunning stuff. [via]

31 Jul

Electric Koi


Tokyoplastic do the thing again with the brilliant animation, Electric Koi. Masters of their craft. It’s also worth pointing out that their site has been updated and is much easier to navigate to all their recent works.


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