Click Watches

Live these nerdy Click watches – “These new watches are reaching back into the glory days of electronics for their inaugural Dip Switch and Turn Switch timepiece collections. If you look at the circuit boards of any 80’s arcade game or electronic device, you’d find these switches. Designed to be used on a printed circuit board along with other electronic components and are commonly used to customize the behavior of an electronic device for specific situations.” [via]

Flava Flav iPad 2 Neck Chain

Flava Flav iPad 2 neck chain

Tired of having to carry your iPad in a bag? Or worse yet…in your hand? Looking for a convenient way to have your iPad with you at all times whether you are at work, out with friends, or working out? Have you ever looked down at your stylish giant clock necklace and wondered, “HEY! Why can’t this thing browse the internet, play music, and let me video chat with my friends?”
If you answered “Yeaaah Boyeee!” to any of these questions, then click your iPad into the Clik Clok! Just attach to the Clik Clok necklace to the magnetic points on any iPad 2 and the clock app automatically launches. Voila! Form, function and fashion all together in one convenient iPad accessory.

Clock Parasol

A Clock Parasol that tells you the approximate time… if it’s sunny. “Direct yourself so that ‘N’ of the compass points at yourself, ‘S’ points at ’12’ of the parasol. Then the sun seen through the parasol can tell you the approximate season and time by its position.” [via]